Great North Run

I wrote this song in June 1981, at the time when I ran in the very first Great North Run. This is a half marathon in England that starts in Newcastle-on-Tyne and finishes up at South Shields. The run has taken place annually ever since that time. The verses of the song trace the route as it was in 1981. The chorus is meant to be a feel-good ditty for singing along:
We're jogging along on the Great North Run
We're gonna make South Shields
We're gonna have fun on the Great North Run
No matter how we feel
Keep your breathing nice and slow
Make those little tootsies go
We're running from Newcastle to South Shields
Ran the run...
Bought the T-shirt
From a musical point of view, I have to admit that the song is unremarkable! Still, if you do jog you might like it and if you were absolutely determined I guess you could even whistle the tune, if you had a mind to do so.

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