The Cleaner and the Teacher

ISRC = GB-GHU-18-00001

This song should be regarded as an imaginary story about a (divorced) woman who has taken in a French teacher as a lodger. She also happens to work as a cleaner at the school where he teaches. Eventually, one things leads to another and they embark on a secret love affair. So, you might want to think of the song as a piece of fiction, rather like a story in a novel.

I have put up a version on Bandcamp. The site is called fyrmusica because that is the name of my virtual venue in the Second Life virtual community on the Internet. There I play live music shows (one hour long, usually twice-a-week)as my avatar, Fyrm Fouroux - hence the venue name of Fyrmusica.

I recorded the current arrangement using one of my studio DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation). In this version I first laid down the electro-acoustic guitar track, then added two further tracks using my digital Yamaha Clavinova piano in bass- and flute-voicing modes, respectively. Finally, I recorded the vocal line against the electro-acoustic guitar track, (muting both bass and flute tracks in the DAW) while I sang.

I have to say that I have noticed that my voice gets a bit raspy from time to time nowadays. It could be simply a matter of needing to spend more time warming up with vocal exercises. Of course, it is always possible that my voice is losing its silkiness as the ageing process takes its toll - Hmmph! Still, setting that aside, in my Internet live music concerts the folks get me warts and all, so I have not been too precious about recording endless takes to achieve a pristine vocal. Hope you don't mind too much!

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