John's Sketches ~ Page #01

The Blue Cobra An Indian restaurant at the bottom of Chester Road, Sunderland
Cheryl Cole In pencil
Douro House Douro House was once the Social Sciences department of the old Sunderland Polytechnic (now an Indian restaurant)
John's hand While waiting for a train to depart
Swirly Liverpool Liverpool from the Mersey
Id stuff... A graphical interpretation of the dreamspace
Self-Portrait (Panama) John: self-portrait, wearing Panama hat
Michael Portillo Michael Portillo on train
John on Piano John singing at piano
Roker pier Roker pier & lighthouse
Lorry Trailer Lorry trailer on A1
Ipswich The centre of the town
Long cloister The long cloister at John's school
Orford The castle
The Clocktower School entrance
The Lounge Downstairs sitting room (lounge)
Corby Large steelworks
Lion's Head John's local back in the 1960s
St Paul's dome Pencil sketch of St Paul's cathedral dome
John & guitar Some guitar noodling
Big brass bed John did have an old brass head board once upon a time!
Bollard Dockside bollard

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