How to get remote access to Fyrm's shows in SL

For a while, it became difficult to get access to the audio stream of my shows in Second Life. There used to be a free app called Winamp but that company has been sold I think. Be that as it may....
A friend of mine recently listened to one of my shows on her iPad using an App called RadioBOX, which is specifically for internet radio. She typed in the link to my audio stream, then pressed 'Listen' and the sound came through straight away. The Internet address of my stream (which you need to type into your app) is as follows:

Now, if you want to access it from your PC, you can use Windows Media Player. If you cannot see the File Menu on the top left of the screen, then:
Go to [organize] [layout] and tick [show menu bar]
You should then see the old style menu [file] [edit] [view] etc.
So then Click [file] and you should see the options [open] [open url] etc.
So, then Click [open url] and you should get a box, into which you can paste my stream address:

I hope this works for you.

My stream only operates when I am playing a gig. This always starts more or less on the hour and then lasts for approximately 60 minutes. So, at the next hour I switch the stream off and it will be silent. In my shows, I sing a mixture of original songs and covers. For the first 30 minutes I accompany myself on guitar. For the last half of the show, I play piano and sing.

You can find out when I am playing by going to my gig list webpage, and I update this every weekend for the following week: Fyrm Fouroux's Second Life gig list. I should remind you that the times listed there are for USA California. You have to work out what time the show is for you from that, depending on where in the world you live.

One last point, this is ONLY an audio stream - you do not get any visuals this way. For the visuals, you would have to actually attend the gig within the virtual world of Second Life. Anyway, I hope you get to enjoy some of the shows, even if only in sound.

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