Doppelgängers - Sketch Categories

The idea behind these Doppelgänger drawings is to cover people in the public eye (such as actors, politicians, sporty types, and other sundry celebrities).

I am not a professional artist; drawing is something I enjoy doing to pass the time. I am seldom able to produce an accurate, photographic likeness of my subject. However, I sometimes kid myself that the drawing could just about pass as a credible image of one the subject's (imaginary) relatives. By openly suggesting that they are fantasy doppelgängers, I effectively cut myself a bit of artistic slack, if you see what I mean.

Because I am English, I guess it is understandable that my subjects are likely to be selected from choices readily available to me on English TV or as characters drawn from politics, sport and so forth.

Category Subcategory Doppelgänger(s)
TV Series Endeavour Roger Allam as DI Thursday
Shaun Evans as DS Morse
Anton Lesser as Chief Superintendent Bight
Miss Marple Joan Hickson as Miss Marple
Houdini & Doyle Stephen Mangan as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Minder George Cole as Arthur Daley
Click Lara Lewington
TV News BBC Presenters & Correspondents Norman Smith ~ BBC Political Correspondent
Jane Hill ~ BBC News Reader
Politicians UK ~ Conservative James Rees-Mogg

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